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Would you like to know ANOTHER way to increase the likelihood of

your success?

It’s another very simple step, but very few will ever do it.

If you ask most people in the United States, “Will you be voting

in the next election?” Nearly 100% will say, “Yes, I will.”

But as most people know, less than 30% of eligible voters

actually turn up at the polls on Election Day.

Anthony Greenwald was able to raise that number to 86.7%.

With a 3 step process…

1. Ask them if they will vote, and then wait for them to say


2. Ask them to give a reason for why they believe they will vote.

3. Tell them that you will make their commitment public

It didn’t even matter how “public” the declaration was.

Greenwald had his callers end the call by saying, “Great, I’ll mark you down as

YES and tell the others.”

That’s it.

The caller never said who those “others” were. But the simple

insertion of that statement raised voter turnouts up to 86.7%

Will you do what it takes to be success online?

Why do you believe you will do what it takes?

Who have you told that you’ll do what it takes?

If you want to dramatically raise your odds for success, you’ll

write down your reasons for believing you’ll succeed…and you’ll make your

commitment public.

Otherwise, you’ll just stay on the couch on Election Day.

Matt Lloyd has made a public declaration of his commitment to

your success…

If you try his 21-step system and do not earn a commission in 30

days, he’ll give you TEN TIMES YOUR MONEY BACK.

When you’re ready to make an active commitment to your success,

here’s the system that will help you follow through…

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